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Simon Starling, Recent History
Tate St Ives, St Ives (UK)

05.02 -02.05.2011

07.09 - 25.11.2012

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Tate St Ives presents the first major exhibition in the UK of the work of Simon Starling sonce he won the Turner Prize in 2005. The British artist will create a major new site specific work, commissionned especially for the exhibition, as well as drawing on important works made in the last five years, almost all previously unseen in the UK.

Starling will recreate an exact, full size replica of a gallery space from the Pier Art Centre, Strmness - where he recently showed - in the spectacular curved sea facing galleries at Tate St Ives. Collapsing together two geographically disparate spaces - one at the northern most extreme of the British Isles and the other at the far South West - the work will appear as a kind of 'ship in a bottle', incongruously reconnecting two remote sites which share a strong cultural history and interest in post-war British art, and in particular the St Ives Modernists.

Employing video, slide projections, photography and sculpture, Starling's work reveals rich, unspected and complex histories, brought to light through his forensic - if sometimes elliptical - unravelling of an image, object or event. The exhibition's selection of works, in the very particular context of rural Cornwall, emphasises Starling's long-running interset in the relationship and interplay betwwen culture and nature, and his ongoing examination, excavation and transformation of the material world.

The exhibition will include The Long Ton, a sculpture featuring two rough-cut white lumps of marble suspended in space and Red Rivers, a video work which brings together the stories of two journeys made a century apart.

One Ton II deals directly with the material world. Making explicit the huge amonts of energy used to produce tiny quantities of platinium, one ton of ore, mined from the South African open cast mine pictured in the images, was needed to produce the five handmade platinum prints that comprise the work. In this way a simple but intrinsic relationship is established between the processes and economics of mining and refining platinum, the images of the site itself, and the chemical photographic process used in the production of the work.


Exhibition 5 February - 2 May 2011. Tate St Ives, Porthmeor Beach - St Ives. Cornwall TR26 1TG. Tel.: 01736 796 226. Opening hours: November-February, Tuesday-Sunday 10.00-16.20. March-October daily 10.00-17-20.

Simon Starling, Recent History, Tate St Ives

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Simon Starling, Autoxylopyrocyloboros, 2006. Courtoisie de l'artiste et The Modern Institute, Glasgow Simon Starling, One Ton II, 2005. Courtesy the artist and Neugerriemschneidere, Berlin. Photo: José Luis Gutiérrez

Simon Starling, One Ton II, 2005. Courtesy the artist and Neugerriemschneidere, Berlin. Photo: José Luis Gutiérrez

Simon Starling, Autoxylopyrocyloboros, 2006. Courtesy the artist and The Modern Institute, Glasgow

Continuing this interest in mining, excavation and geology, Starling will produce a new work, drawing on recent research into the Cornish China clay mines, emphasing the contemporary use of China clay in the paper industry as a glossy coating for fine papers.