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Rotterdam (The Netherlands)

23.04.2010 - 23.04.2011

04.06- 15.08.2010


07.09 - 25.11.2012

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Press release

GRRR JAMMING SQUEAK is a new public art work realized by italian artist Paola Pivi for the city of Rotterdam. Located on the Coolsingel, one of the most significant boulevard in town, at the corner with the pedestrian square Stadhuisplein across the city hall, GRRR JAMMING SQUEAK is a fully functional professional recording studio opened to everyone and at any time. Available to everyone, for free, to play music along with the sounds of animals, this new work by Paola Pivi is not only a joyous and generous gift to the city, its inhabitants and its visitors ; it is also an engaging, publicly operating machine that redefines the idea of public art.

GRRR JAMMING SQUEAK is housed in a two-storey building with a glass facade to the street. The studio is technically advanced, managed by sound engineers and equiped with a complete set of instruments - from a saxophone and a synthesizer to a drum set, and so forth. The large and double soundproof room accomodates groups and individuals. 100% free to everyone, open and available for musicians, experts but also for amateurs, beginners and improvised players, the piece has one only rule that everybody must follow : you have to play along the recording of the sound of an animal.

A wide collection of recordings (made available by the Macaulay Library at The Cornell Lab of Ornithology in Ithaca, NY) offers visitors the animal sound of their choice, whether it be a squeak of a mouse ; a humming bee ; the roar of a tiger or a bear - to name a few of options.

People are invited to come and choose among hundreds of animal sound recordings, listen, play, compose, create, improvise, record, mix, master, jam, learn to play, teach to play, or simply to listen someone else with the sound of animals. The music belongs to the person who played and recorded it and not to the studio. The studio is free of charge. You can learn or teach to play an instrument, or simply listen to others playing along with the sound of animals. GRRR JAMMING SQUEAK will furthermore showcase a selection of animal photo portraits by Vincent J. Musi, author of Animal Minds (National Geographic, 2008).

GRRR JAMMING SQUEAK will organize a free street concert every month, opening its doors and placing speakers on the Coolsingel, inviting artists from the world of pop, jazz, world, and classical music to play along the animals.

The studio will also organize an event every week, again for free, like talks or performances.



Paola Pivi, GRRR JAMMING SQUEAK, Rotterdam

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Exhibition 23 April 2010 - 23 April 2011. GRRR JAMMING SQUEAK, Coolsingel 63 - Stadhuisplein - Rotterdam. Tel.: +31 (0)6 81 08 97 37.