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Pae White, Point, Contrepoint, Nuage
Xavier Hufkens Gallery, Brussels (Belgium)

15.01 - 21.02.2009

07.09 - 25.11.2012

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Press release

The work of Pae White (Pasadena, CA, 1963) lies at the crossroads between art, design and architecture. The artist explores the visual possibilities of shape, colour and space. In her first exhibition at the gallery, she mixes these elements in installations that bear all the hallmarks of her personality and ingenuity.

Her work includes a broad spectrum of objects: from animal-shaped barbecues, paper clocks and mobiles to magazine adverts and invitations from other artists. Because her work takes so many forms, it comes across as light and playful, but at the same time, it is also difficult for the spectator to penetrate. Yet it contains intriguing layers of meaning. The artist manages to radically transform objects by combining different visual strategies. Functional objects, graphical patterns, natural or mobile elements are incorporated into a new, attractive whole. The observer is approached indirectly because meaning is distributed across the form, colour and material of the objects.

Pae White's work is not only aimed at the production of objects, but also symbolizes a relationship with the world. In this sense, it brings a new reading of modernism and paints a picture of the contemporary condition. Her art creates an associative, nomadic network that reflects the contemporary social space.


Exhibition 15 January - 21 February 2009. Xavier Hufkens Gallery, Rue Saint-Georges 6-8 - 1050 Brussels (Belgium). Tel.: +32 (0)2 63 96 730. Open Tuesday to Saturday noon to 6 pm.

Pae White, Point, Contrepoint, Nuage, Xavier Hufkens Gallery, Brussels

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