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Jozsa Gallery, Brussels (Belgien)

21.05 - 03.07.2010

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Carte blanche for Richard Neyroud

with Magali Lefebvre, Glenda Leon, Jonathan Loppin and Miks Mitrevics

Naturalia groups together four artists who explore the notion of landscape through different media: photography, installation and video. Naturalia literally means “natural things” and is based on the iconography of cabinets of curiosities.

The curiosities shown in the exhibition are to be considered as various potential reconstitutions of a mental landscape.

Landscape is not such an unusual theme. It was particularly developed by painters of the 19th century and has since often been chosen as a subject by artists as well as for theme-based exhibitions. Nevertheless, there are aspects yet to be discovered and landscape still fascinates and generates thought. The notion of landscape not only evokes nature, but also society because it is precisely the product of the interaction between Man and his environment.

For the series entitled Chemical Valley, Magali Lefebvre (France, 1980) photographs her favorite subject: industrial buildings, characterized by the absence of man. The obscurity, the light, and the framing transform these industrial structures into miniature sites. A longer exposure gives the photographs their unnatural light. Between fiction and glimpses of reality, these pictures have a cinematic presence, worthy of the fantastic.

The videos of Glenda León (Cuba, 1976) are the expressions of a dream. Cada Respiro sees a flower grow at each breath of a young woman at rest. Dirigir las nubes is based on an idea from quantumphysics by which each of us can, through will power and concentration, change the shape of clouds. In this video, the clouds gradually take the form of a globe…

Jonathan Loppin (France, 1977) attempts to decipher the workings of our world through simple contraptions. 4h33 is a sink with a tap, connected to electricity. A never-ending flow of water is created, rending time meaningless. The piece takes on the appearance of a nightmare: water endlessly flowing, not drop by drop but like an inexhaustible source. Halo is a device comprised of a gas bottle and a block of cellular concrete which is tested for its resistance to heat. The time-based experiences to which the artist confronts us play finely on the lines between dream and reality.

As for the installations of Miks Mitrevics (Latvia, 1980), they turn towards small details, sensory impressions created by places, elements that suddenly attract our attention. They are presented in the form of experimental laboratories. Through these composite installations, the artist questions our personal relationship to nature and landscape – playful and poetic landscapes – ceaselessly transformed by Man.

The pieces shown in this exhibition can be considered as poetic notes on the theme of landscape. From a simple image, the artists lead us to rethink our own relationship to our environment. The play on scales – miniaturization, enlargement – conditions the visitor to a distanced approach to landscape.

Between industrial aesthetic, poetic expression and ecological positions, Naturalia is a story of gardens, a place to reflect and share.



Naturalia, Jozsa Gallery, Brussels

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Exhibition May 21 mai - July 3 2010. Jozsa Gallery, Rue Saint-Georges 1050 Brussells. (Belgien). Tel.: +32 (0)2 640 06 71. Opening Thursday - Saturday from noon to 6pm or by appointment.