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Naheed Raza and Jedediah Caesar
Bloomberg Space, London (UK)

27.05 - 26.06.2010

04.06- 15.08.2010


07.09 - 25.11.2012

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A dynamic new series of monthly commissions

COMMA 22 Naheed Raza

Sculptor and filmmaker Naheed Raza has been commissioned to create a new short film titled Sand. Shot at the edge of The Empty Quarter in UAE, Sand is a meditation on the strange, silent power of the desert. The transience, mobility and immersive quality of the shifting sand acts as a metaphor not only for time but also relates to thresholds of seeing, thinking and being.

COMMA 23 Jedediah Caesar

On entering the rear gallery visitors are presented with one of Caesar's characteristic cut-resin multi-panelled wall sculptures in which found objects and detritus are petrified in coloured resin. In response to the particular architecture of the rear gallery at Bloomberg SPACE Caesar has also created a series of casts installed along, and restricting access to, the balcony space.



Naheed Raza and Jedediah Caesar, Bloomberg Space, London

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Exhibition 27 May – 26 June 2010. Bloomberg Space, 50 Finsbury Square - London EC2A 1HD (United Kingdom). Tel.: +44 20 7330 7959. Open: Monday to Saturday 11am – 6pm. Admission free.

Left: Installation shot, COMMA 22 Naheed Raza, Bloomberg Space, May 2010

Right : Installation shot, COMMA 23 Jedediah Caesar, Bloomberg Space, May 2010