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Marie Jager, Pollution Paintings
Kunsthalle LA, Los Angeles (USA)

01.05 - 19.06.2010

04.06- 15.08.2010


07.09 - 25.11.2012

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Press release

Francois Ghebaly is pleased to present the first solo exhibition of works by Marie Jager. The exhibition includes paintings, prints and works on paper.

In her "Pollution Paintings", Marie Jager makes visible the invisible combustion and sediment that defines the city's landscape while reflecting the artist's restless view of the city where she lives. Playing off L.A.'s varied reputation for car culture, inevitable sunshine, and smog-induced sunsets, Jager placed canvases at various sites around the city—her garden, near the beach, on a rooftop in an industrial neighborhood—and retrieved them as readymade landscape paintings. The delicate abstractions that result invert the en plein air of one of painting's longstanding conventional modes as Los Angeles' traces of pollution are captured and re-framed as landscape paintings. In contrast to these durational portraits of the urban environment, the instant of ignition that defines everyday life in Los Angeles - turning over the engine in your car - is captured repeatedly in Jager's Starter paintings where the burnt oil discharged when the motor engages makes an instant oil-on-canvas landscape of the city's mobility and automobile reliant citizenry.

Marie Jager's works from the Heat series (2009) are blueprinted aerial views of the city of Los Angeles, which through masking techniques, she has partially exposed to the sun's damaging rays during heat waves. Blueprinting is a process similar to the cyanotype process invented by British Astronomer John Herschel. By Jager's intervention, she pushes the photosensitivity further, and offering the prints to the long exposure of the city's elements, she pushes them to a point of discoloration that evokes the blinding effect of the sun. While the Heat series result in a hallow of light entering the picture, the series titled Rain turns serial views of the city into giant watercolors, recording various patterns of rain and resulting in different levels of abstraction.



Marie Jager, Pollution Paintings, Kunsthalle LA, Los Angeles

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Exhibition 8 May - 4 July 2010. Para/Site Art Space, G/F, 4 Po Yan Street, Sheung Wan - Hong Kong. Tel.: (852) 251 74 620. Opening Wednesday - Sunday 12 - 7 pm.

The title of the exhibition is taken from the James Ellroy's novel, but refers mostly to the endless urban landscape that defines the California Metropolis. Each aerial view depicts a precise area of the city but is also nearly impossible to locate.

Marie Jager, Starter (détail), 2008. Courtesy the artist and François Ghebaly, Los Angeles

Marie Jager, Starter (détail), 2008. Courtesy the artist and François Ghebaly, Los Angeles