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Jochen Lempert
Ludwig Museum, Köln (Germany)

23.04 - 13.06.2010

04.06- 15.08.2010


07.09 - 25.11.2012

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Press release

Jochen Lempert's black and white photographs are dedicated to nature and the animal kingdom. Born 1958 in Moers in Germany, and now living in Hamburg, the artist has worked since the 1990s with the expertise of a trained biologist, the eye of a photographer, and the methods of a scientist. In his early work he collected, archived and systematised his motifs in large groups that prompted the viewer to compare the images and open up a wide array of associations.

In his most recent pieces he has increasingly directed his interest to patterns, formations, and structures whose aleatory power reveals itself in swarms of birds, configurations of water and formations of clouds. He investigates how far they are given anthropomorphic interpretations or industrial uses amid the cross-currents of nature and culture, and how they stealthily capture new niches in urban space.

In Museum Ludwig Jochen Lempert will hang around 60 photographs from the last 15 years in a space measuring around 500 m2.



Jochen Lempert, Ludwig Museum, Köln

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Exhibition 23 April - 13 June 2010. Museum Ludwig, Cologne, Heinrich-Böll-Platz - 50667 Köln (Germany). Opening Tuesday - Sunday 10am-6pm.