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Federico Paris, Swimmers
Roma (Italy)


07.09 - 25.11.2012

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Press release

"Swimmers" from all the parts of the world have been seen all over Rome. We are not speaking of real athletes but of the heads-sculptures by Federico Paris, realized to celebrate the Swimming World Cup in Rome.

Hundreds of swimmer heads with bathing-caps and glasses appear on the surface from the floor, the asphalt and the public lawns.

They're looking at us, arrived here after a very long trip, they represent the nations of the World Swimming Cup Roma09. They are from their respective countries, they have crossed rivers, oceans and seas, they touched the blonde Tevere going up till the heart of Rome. Here on this bank they take possession of the city and they enact their presence at this big event.

This is the basic concept of "Swimmers", the installation of Federico Paris produced by Dress in Dreams by Elisabetta Cantone and Francesca Silvestri, tribute to the devotion and the discipline of the swimmer, to his mystic loneliness, made of action and breath.

The installation of Federico Paris can be admired at the Bridge Milvio (Ponte Milvio) or at the Bridge Garibaldi (Ponte Garibaldi) on the lungotevere, where the heads are exposed till the end of August.
...or you can simply meet them along the road, during one of the several urban-performances that Federico Paris is acting in these days all over the Capital. He is placing these swimmer heads round the city, then he’ll move them in other places, in a game that will hold on to the end of the Swimming World Cup.


Exhibition July 27 2009. Roma (Italy), different sites.

Federico Paris, Swimmers, Roma

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