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Dorothee Meyer
Motive Gallery, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
06.09 - 11.10.2008

07.09 - 25.11.2012

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About 2000 hectares of land is being reclaimed from the sea off the coast of Rotterdam. This is where the second Maasvlakte must take shape. Since the construction of the Delta Works and the draining of the Zuiderzee by which the province of Flevoland was created we have gotte used to large-scale man-made landscapes. But if you stop and think about it, artificial creation of natural beauty remains a peculiar concept - not to mention a bizarre phenomenon.

In the summer of 2007 photographer Dorothée Meyer (Cologne, 1973) recorded that part of the Maasvlakte, which will be altered most by the coming construction activities. Motive Gallery is showing a selection of the photographs, which resulted from this project. One is particularly struck by the serenity of Meyer's images. You could imagine yourself in an unspoilt place, a bygone area.

Meyer's photographs are characterized by the unusual angles from which they are taken. Taken from high vantage points, the images offer an unusual, sometimes unprecedently enchanting view of the environment - but without, however, Meyer ever entirely losing sight of the objective documentation of the Dutch landscape. More even than the place, in her photo images [...]

Meyer interrogates the relation between the viewer and time. This is partly due to her way of working. Meyer photographs with a view camera, wich is labour intensive and time-consuming. She waits for just the right light conditions, for just the right moment. The exposure time is long. As a result, details that normally go unseen strike the eye, while others disappear. In her recent images tranquility, stillness and emptiness contrast emphatically with the wind, tumult and activity off the coast at Rotterdam. Cargo ships, which in the future will come and go with greater frequency, have not quite arrived yet, or have already passed. Ni sign of commerce, and progress to be found. Time stands still here. Or have the hands of the clock been turned back? You are looking at a 17th century seascape.


Exhibition 6 September - 11 October 2008. Motive Gallery, Elandsgracht 10 - 1016 TV Amsterdam (The Netherlands). Tel.: +31 (0)20 330 36 68. Opening Wednesday-Saturday 1pm - 6pm.

Dorothee Meyer, Motive Gallery, Amsterdam

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