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Daniel Canogar, Scanner
Oonagh Young Gallery, Dublin (Ireland)

19.03 - 30.04.2010

04.06- 15.08.2010


07.09 - 25.11.2012

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Oonagh Young Gallery is pleased to present acclaimed artist Daniel Canogar in his first Irish exhibition entitled Scanner. Constructed from television, telephone and computer cables, this installation underscores the idea of mortality in relation to technologies, which become obsolescent with increasing rapidity and reflects on our own relationship with these technologies. This elegiac installation can be viewed as a meditation on despondency and disappointment prevalent in recent times.

The artist's interest in these materials is inspired by his "Photo Safaris" – bike excursions Canogar makes around the city with his camera. Through this process of photography, which he uses as sketches, Canogar's attention was drawn to an emerging landscape of redundant technologies. Urban scenes form the point of departure for much of his work with an increasing interest, developed in recent years, in images of rubble from demolished buildings and the general detritus of modern life. These scenes encapsulate the artist's interest in the excesses of mass media in today's society. Canogar expresses his preoccupation with the tension that exists between technology and the human body through the use of light in thematic narratives. Combining found remnants of 'new media' with light, the artist seeks redress for the dematerialised body in this 'society of the spectacle.'



Daniel Canogar, Scanner, Oonagh Young Gallery, Dublin

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Exhibition 19 March - 30 April 2010. Oonagh Young Gallery, 1 James Joyce Street - Dublin 1 (Ireland). Opening hours : Thursdays - Saturdays 12pm - 6pm or by appointment.SA). Open Tuesday-Saturday 11am-5pm.

Memory is immanent in Canogar's work. Waste materials from our everyday lives retain memories; the electric cables preserve traces of the life they once had and voices they once transmitted. With his use of discarded materials, the artist reflects on how to deal with the past through individual and collective memory; seeking to reveal secrets, mysteries and lost stories.