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Chris Drury, Mushrooms and Clouds
Nevada Museum of Art, Reno (USA)

09.08 - 05.10.2008

07.09 - 25.11.2012

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One of Great Britain's most prolific and respected Conceptual artists, Chris Drury, investigates themes related to the environment, emplasizing cycles of destruction and regeneration in nature, and the ways that humans affect these processes. In Mushrooms / Clouds, Drury brings an international perspective to topics ranging from land and water appropriation to nuclear testing in the American West. In many of hos artworks - located inside and outside the Nevada Museum of Art galleries - Drury utilizes materials collected from such places as Pyramide Lake, Donner State Park, and the Nevada Test Side to engage museum guests in the ongoing debates related to scientific, cultural, environmental and political issues.

Why Mushrooms and Clouds?
As primary regenarators of soil in nature, but also poisonous agents of death, mushrooms are a metaphor for the cycle of destruction and regenration in the environment. From mushroom spore prints to a sculpture that takes the form of a nuclear mushroom cloud, and multiple video works that explore cloud-like porpoerties of smoke and water, Drury makes visible the subtile connections between art and environment.

The exhibition includes multiple new artworks commissioned by the Nevada Museum of Art in collaboration with the following partners:

Fore-Site Foundation:
With his support, Drury constructed a wooden "cloud chamber" in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada. A hand-carved granite pool beneath the structure reflects the clouds overhead and refers to the Native Maidu grinding stones located nearby. This large-scale sculpture will be reconstructed for exhibit in the Nightingale Rooftop Sculpture Gallery, where guests can enter the structure and observe the clouds passing overhead.

Desert Research Institute:
With cooperation from scientists, Life in a Field of Death translates the genetic code of a living organism found in soil gathered from the Nevada Test Site, on of the most abused nuclear landscapes in the world. A second sculpture, 569 Shelter Stones, uses stones gathered near Pyramid Lake to create a shelter made from 569 stones, echoing to the number of genes in the partial DNA sequence of a soil bacteria from Frenchman's Flat.


Exhibition August 09 - October 05, 2008. Nevada Museum of Art, Donald W. Reynolds Center for the Visual Arts, E.L. Wiegand Gallery, 160 West Liberty Street - Reno NV 89501. Tel.: +1 (0)775 329 3333. Gallery and Museum Store Hours: Tues - Sun: 10 am to 5 pm. Thursdays 10 am to 8 pm.

Chris Drury, Mushrooms and Clouds, Nevada Museum of Art, Reno

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Left : Chris Drury, Cloud Pool Chamber, 2008, logs from Donner Memorial State Park, Truckee, CA. Collection of the artist; image courtesy Dean Burton

Beyound : Chris Drury, Destroying Angel, 2008