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Antony McCall, Breath (The Vertical Works)
Hangar Bicocca, Milano (Italy)

20.03- 21.06.2009

07.09 - 25.11.2012

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Press release

Antony McCall's "solid light" series began in 1973 with Line Describing a Cone. Most of the series has been horizontal in orientation. But since 2004, he has also been developing installations which explore height and verticality. This exhibition will present six of these works, only one of which has been exhibited before. They include Breath I (2004), Breath II (2004), Breath III (2005), Between You and I (2006), Coupling (2009) and, commissioned specifically for Hangar Bicocca, Meeting you Halfway (2009).

The series demonstrates McCall's multi-disciplinary practice, where the fusing of installation, film, sculpture and performance creates a dialogue with the vast industrial space of Hangar Bicocca.

The exhibition will be accompanied by an illustrated catalogue with a critical text by Hal Foster published by Edizioni Corraini, Mantova and available from April 2009.

Curated by Serena Cattaneo Adorno.


Exhibition 10 April - 26 June 2009. Fondazione Arnoldo Pomodoro, Via Andrea Solari 35 - 20144 Milano (Italy). Tél. 02 890 75 394. Open Wednesday - Sunday 11am - 6pm, Thursday 11am - 10pm.

Antony McCall, Breath (The Vertical Works), Hangar Bicocca, Milano

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Breath II, 2004 ©Anthony McCall. Photo: Giulio Buoni Between You and I, 2006 © Antony McCalls. Photo Hugo Glendinning

Left : Breath II, 2004 ©Anthony McCall. Photo: Giulio Buoni
Right : Between You and I, 2006 © Antony McCall. Photo Hugo Glendinning