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Andreas Dobler, Painting from the Comfort Zone
Alexandre Pollazzon Ltd, London (UK)

21.02 - 27.03.2008

07.09 - 25.11.2012



Press release

Alexandre Pollazzon Ltd is pleased to present the second UK solo exhibition "Paintings from the Comfort Zone" by swiss artist Andreas Dobler. While this show sees Dobler revisit the oneiric architectural and visionary scenes that have become his hallmark, the exhibition moves away from the rigid linear perspectives and tough construction materials of previous works and focuses on increasingly organic textures and forms.

Influenced by pyschedelic culture ans Surrealism, as well as science-fiction aesthetics, thoughout his practice, Dobler has drawn and subverted subject material from realms such as post-modern architecture, batik, graffiti, kitsch eroticism, pop music and art history. His paintings present a spatial interplay of contradictory objects, antipodal spiritual attitudes ans mismatching textures. The scenes he creates are always devoid of human figures, although human presence is ingrained in the material and materials portrayed.


Exhibition 6 March - 18 May 2008. Barbican Art Gallery, Silk Street - London - EC2Y 8DS. Tel.: +44 (0)845 120 7550. Opening times: Daily 11am - 8pm. Tuesday & Wednesday 11am - 6pm, Time Out First Thursday until 10pm.


Andreas Dobler, Painting from the Comfort Zone, Alexandre Pollazzon Ltd, London

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Andreas Dobler, Smoking Property

At Alexandre Pollazzon Ltd, the exhibition consists of eight paintings that depict bizarre deserted indoor and outdoor urban environments. The painting "Smoking Property" depicts a mountain covered in houses, smoking a pipe. In "Paradontosia", a small house nestles into giant gums, next to giant teeth. "Dubai Monument": an ovoid monolithic sculpture that is based on the design of a bicycle helmet towers amidst an urban Dubai coastline. "Sacre Coeur Overdrive": the Parisian Sacre Coeur lies supine and strechted as a ghostly penetration throug the night sky. By anthropomorphizing his terrains and presenting us with organic structures, Dobler makes up empathize with his suggestive landscapes.

"Paintings from the Comfort Zone" presents surrealist settings that are hallucinatory utopian/dystopian visions and perhaps, cryptic phophecies about urbanism, originating in the painter's lust to occupy new terrotory. By indulging in these spaces and grounds, Dobler reflects on his own desire for comfort and security, and painting as an ideal way to reconcile reality and dream.